Rodeo in Cody

We are here and ready for the show. (Early of course!) Apparently there are rules that say we cannot take pictures. Well, we’ll see how that goes!


Vacation Is Great!

IMG_0737Well, we are nearing the end of our first week of vacation.  “First week!”  That is a very happy little phrase because it means there is another whole week ahead!  The time to just be a family away from all the concerns of work and all that stuff has been great.  While I still have e-mail going off, I have been able to very quickly deal with things that need it and am able to ignore the rest.

Our first day of vacation was LONG!  By the time we touched down in Rapid City, SD, I realized that I had been awake for almost 10 hours and it wasn’t even noon yet local time.  We got the rental car and started making the trek to Wyoming.  The rental was supposed to be a full-size car, but we ended up with a Chevy Traverse (we love it) due to a large number of their cars being hit with hail damage.  Supposedly this one was too, but I have yet to find it!

The drive to Wyoming was long, and we made several stops to take pics and see things.  By the time we got here to Cody we were all bushed.  We grabbed a couple things for breakfast the next day and a pizza to bring to the cabin and called the day done.  we sat down to eat our supper at around 9pm local time (11pm at home) and then went right to bed.

Day two was spent running around Cody.  We went to the Buffalo Bill Museum, took a trolley tour, did some touristy shopping in the downtown area, and bought vittles for the rest of our time here.  Another long day that did not see us back at the cabin until after 8:30 after eating sub sandwiches at a picnic spot overlooking the Buffalo Bill Reservoir.

Day Three was the first of two days in Yellowstone.  We are about 30 minutes from the park, and the scenery is indescribable.  We did the lower loop and a little bit of the upper loop that day.  It was busy!  We talked with a guy yesterday that said the governor of Wyoming was doing a lot of work in increasing the tourism to Yellowstone from the Asian market.  Well, I’d say that is a pretty successful endeavor thus far!

Day Four was back to the park for most of the upper loop and then a trip out the Northeast Entrance and into Montana for a few miles.  We had an absolutely gorgeous drive back to Cody through some mountains that were absolutely breathtaking.  Again, I can post pictures, but if you haven’t seen it, then you can’t begin to grasp it.  “Amazing” and “Wow” have been the top words used on this trip!

Day Five we split up a bit.  Jessica had a 4 hour trail ride scheduled to run from 10am-2pm.  Well, things kinda changed.  When we go there they told us they had been trying to reach us to reschedule the ride to 11am.  They didn’t want to make her wait though so off they went at 10, but now the ride would be extended to 3pm!  If you know my daughter, you would know that didn’t bother her a bit!

The other three of us went to town and did a little shopping and visited the Old Trail Town.  Very neat collection of some old buildings that were part of the original homesteading in this area and parts of southern Montana.  The buildings were also stocked with a number of antiques and interesting bits of folk lore.  We also had to make a stop at the rental office for the cabin to talk to them about a mouse problem we are experiencing.  There is a dead one in the wall of our bedroom closet and the odor is getting pretty wild.  They sent someone out with a deodorizer that seems to be keeping the scent at bay for now.  We love the cabin,and these people have been so gracious and helpful!

On our way back to pick Jess up we got a call that her ride was going to run a little late.  She would not be back until around 4pm. So, by he time everything was done, Jess had an over 6 hour ride through the mountains, passes, and foothills along the South Fork of the Shoshone River.  Her smile said it all!  A great family-ran operation with some top-notch folks that really know the meaning of the word hospitality.  If you are ever out here and want to take a ride, the folks at Double Diamond X Ranch are worth the drive off the beaten path. (At least the road was paved!)

We got home last night earlier than we have the whole trip.  We had a nice supper of roast beef from the crock pot and baby potatoes and then settled in for an evening of reading and talking.  It was good for all of us.  Just as we went to bed last night we enjoyed a huge thunderstorm.  It really rolls out here of the mountainsides.  Only bad part about last night was the cabin next to us had some kind of problem with their car.  The car alarm went off 6-7 times throughout the night.  That was a treat!

Today we are staying pretty low key.  Jess is kinda sore from the ride yesterday and we are all just feeling like the best thing to do is relax.  At least it gives me a chance to let you know how things are going for us!  I will put together some pics to share when I have better wifi.  We are bouncing off the neighbors right now and the bandwidth is pretty sketchy!  Heading to the rodeo tonight!

It’s official! This page has been recycled!

If you are here looking for Relentless Growth, you are in the wrong place.  Relentless Growth has moved to its new home, and this site is now going to be repurposed into a family update site.  Soon, I would expect that some of you may fall away, or who knows, you might start hanging out with us here.  My hope is to open this page up for family news, guest posts from my wife and kids, or whatever.  No big plans.  We will see what happens.  So, welcome!  Or, Goodbye!  Your call.

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